The Quality That Has Become Our Standard

 We are a member of the R.V. Tucker Study Clubs.  As a member, we are challenged to improve our techniques and products through cross-talk directly with member dentists, who challenge each other to improve their techniques.  This valuable input helps us to help you, and your patients. 
As a full service Lab, we offer not only Crown and Bridge work, but also full and partial dentures.  We use the latest advances in the field, as well as proven technologies and materials to produce the quality products you, and your patients expect.
With our European heritage and training, our standards are high in order to produce:
  • Perfect Occlusal Function
  • Perfect contacts by using a second poured model at no extra cost to you (crown and bridge cases)
  • Consistency in the quality of each case
  • No lost time in the mail because we offer prompt local pick-up and delivery service
  • Personal communication to help eliminate confusion
 Please contact us for a full price listing of the services we offer.
If you are interested in our services, we can do mailings; Please contact us for details