Trade School Better Than College?

Up to $100,000 in debt, four years of studying/partying, and looking for a job in the career field you studied for?  This is the prospect many students are facing upon crossing the stage and accepting their scroll of parchment.  Many newly graduated high school students are looking into trade schools to get a jump on getting their careers started, with the prospects of having their jobs pay for additional training afterwards. 

Getting a foothold into the workforce is the first step.  A dental tech starts to learn about mouth and tooth function right from the start.  Maybe this is the way to go towards a dental field job such as a dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, or even an hygienist.

Things to think about as the job market opens up.  A quicker path with better knowledge, an inside track on the ins and outs at all levels of the business/field.  Or, a job that taught you skills that you can take to another field that catches your eye. 

A win-win.  Without all of the debt, and in half the time.