We've noticed over the years that cases from our customers come in waves.  March, August/September, and November/December.  They seem to be based on patient's deductibles; as in when they need to start to use them, versus end of the year "get it all used up." 

One of the exceptions is the August/September time frame, as people get home from vacations and need to get the loose fillings and chipped teeth fixed.  The other one is late November after the Thanksgiving holiday for pretty much the same reasons. 

Now I know people can't schedule when fillings come out, or when teeth fail; but take comfort in knowing that we'll be here to help make your "repairs" when your Doctor's office calls.  To help avoid these problems, oral hygiene should be a year long commitment to yourself. Bi-monthly checkups with your dental office for cleanings, and consultations to give you a heads up on the status of your teeth is key to help to avoid needing our services.  Yes, we said that.

Accidents will happen, and if they do, we'll be here to help your Doctor get you back up and running (chewing).