On a personal note: Time is Flying By!

In late 2003 a choice was made.  We had been continuously asked/told to open a dental lab, and as the good Lord would have it, the opportunity presented itself.  Starting a business from scratch -literally from nothing- we focused on the core principles of using quality materials, high European standards, and establishing personal communications with the customer. 

Since our beginning we have kept our eye on the future by adding dentures to our offerings, and integrated CAD/CAM into our repertoire.  Through this growth, we have been blessed with team members that have contributed to the effort of producing products for dentists and patients.   To recognize their efforts, we established a Gallery section here on the website.  I don't have pictures of everyone, but Jim Pelton gave us his input and time, Ron Loebel and Ed Shishmanian gave us their blood, and sweat in our original construction and equipment procurement.  It was all of their contributions that helped us along the way. 

We now look to thank Amanda Nolan for her dedication, her hard work over the past 7 years, and her great attitude.  She has been a member of the Firmus team -seeing our kids grow up, experiencing the losses of our family and pets, and enjoying the good times as well.  It is with some sadness we see her move on with her life as she leaves us for greener pastures (literally).

We welcome our new team on board, and look forward to many happy, productive years to come.