Outsourced (Products & Jobs)

We were recently solicited from a lab in China to see if we'd be interested in sending some of our work to them.  Other labs have fallen into this trap of outsourcing work looking to save some money, only to have issues.  Several things can happen when labs make this business decision and something goes wrong:

1.     The doctor is inconvenienced, and must reschedule -eating up valuable "chair time."

2.     The patient is inconvenienced because they must come in again, and again, and...

3.     The lab must make the correction by either fixing it in lab, undoubtedly using different materials, or send it back to China (or other country) for the facility there to remake the product.

I want to make it clear that all of our work is done here in the lab.  The only part we do not manufacture is the metal framework for dentures (when called for); that, we send to a lab here on the East Coast.  We have seen their work, and can vouch for its quality -Small American businesses sticking together.

With sending work out of country, you begin to lose control over the product.  Aspects like:

  • What is the content of the metal?
  • What type of porcelain are they using?
  • What's in the water that they mix the porcelain with?
  • What temperatures do they fire the crown at (porcelain fused to metal)?  

These are all valid questions that need to be asked. 

The last concern with shipping work overseas is the possibility of it being lost in the shuffle from here to there, and back.  Weather delays can also be a factor in shipping.  Both large national package carriers have been impacted by storms at their major hubs; this delayed delivery dates for items in their systems.  Again, it could cost time, and inconvenience you.

All of our work is done here in the Lab.  We use top quality materials, and we make sure the job is done right.  Every case is checked before it leaves our lab.  That's the American way!